Al ‘Merse’ Mersom is an electronic musician and DJ, based in Bristol UK. 

Merse spent 10 years in the Army travelling the world where not only did it turn his hair completely grey, it exposed him to a wide variety of cultures influencing his musical interests today. His music doesn’t feature much in the way of Bulgarian Bagpipes but working in radio communications led to a lot of white noise exposure and no doubt contributed to his love of electronic noises. Several tours of Northern Ireland and Bosnia meant extended periods sat on top of mountains and electronic music played a large part in providing mental stimulation and alleviating boredom.

Now working in IT consultancy, Merse is applying his technical skills to taking his passion for DJing and music production forward in a big way. He has a successful string of DJ mixes being released monthly as the “Immersed Podcast”, available on iTunes. 

A Mixcloud competition entry with a ‘Set for Peace’ saw his DJ mix land 2nd prize winning a weekend in Ibiza to meet the ‘Last Night a DJ Saved my Life’ foundation crew that were hosting the initiative.

Merse has released several of his own original productions and remixes including the notable remix of the Matthias Sturm 'All Beauty Must Die' track which was voted unanimously by the judges as the 'most imaginative' track in a contest with 100 producers. Subsequently the track also won a place in the top ten tracks featured on the B Side Project album released on NE-Excuse Records.

Now a graduate of the 'We Spin' music programme pioneered by the Dotted Music team, Merse has currently released two tracks on the Mersenary Recordings label: 'Case' and 'Wormhole'. Find Merse on Spotify here