For the past 10 years I have been half heartedly learning music production and DJing in my spare time.

Music has always been an important part of my life and I kept saying that I really need to develop my passion further than creating the odd mix here and there.

Just before Christmas I came across and a new programme they were about to run called We Spin, described as an education in branding, enhancing web presence and online marketing (amongst other features!). I wasn't really sure what to expect but made a commitment  to putting in some dedicated time every day to follow the tasks being set.

Over the course of three months I had my eyes opened to how to best leverage various tools, websites and social networks to market myself effectively, all without leaving the comfort of my own home! At first I thought it was too early a stage for me to worry about all this but soon realised that doing that at the start was essential!


I set up a Facebook page, a twitter account and put together a website as a single focal point for everything about me and my music. I created an online and downloadable press kit, put together a biography and polished up some of my original music for free giveaway. I was shown how to really make the most of these tools at my disposal, most of which were completely free!

The programme was run by Andrew Apanov who can only be described as a guru and authority in what works and just as importantly, what doesn't! His wealth of experience meant I didn't have to experiment for years working out what I needed to do and tapping into his incredible knowledge was just invaluable. Andrew is an all round top banana and I can't recommend him highly enough if you want to learn how to leverage everything available to its full potential.

Follow Andrew on Twitter!

Follow Andrew on Twitter!

We even went through how to have a photo shoot and clichés to avoid - like having your photo taken against a brickwall background was a classic apparently or with any music related hardware!



Now that I have this solid foundation I can focus on building a solid fan base and concentrate on my actual music. It's no good having awesome music if nobody knows about it! I now have 3 tracks of mine being released this year and with Andrew's guidance I had everything in place to respond quickly with my press kit, social links and contact information and everything the labels needed.

I now produce my DJ mixes 'Immersed Radio' monthly and working with Andrew has both inspired and motivated me to succeed.

So if you are stuck with your great music but no idea on how to stand above the noise, get in touch with the Dotted Music team today!